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Accounts Assistant

Accounts Assistant- وظائف محاسبين

تفاصيل الوظيفة 

  1.  اسم الشركة : JAMS HR Solutions
  2.  مقر العمل : دبي , الامارات 
  3.  قطاع العمل : الموارد البشرية
  4. الدور الوظيفي : المحاسبة والتدقيق المالي
  5. العدد المطلوب : لم يتم تحديده من قبل الشركة 
  6. الدوام للعمل : دوام كامل للعمل 
  7. الراتب الشهري : ايضا غير محدد من قبل الشركة 

 مهام الوظيفة للمحاسب-Accounts Assistant

Key Responsibilities
  1.  fund Handling.
  2.  Payments of staff claims, alternative money payments, etc.
  3.  process provider invoices and payment.
  4.  Checking invoices with PO, GRN, etc., Payment process on maturity.
  5.  assets follow up accounting.
  6.  Checking client credit limits.
  7.  Payment terms, and sales orders.
  8. Issue Pro-forma invoice with consultation/co-ordination with Business & Accounting Manager.
  9.  causation Statement of account (SOA) to customers and follow up for payment.
  10.  composition employees / traveller for assortment of cheques.
  11.  creating entries into system supported the cheques deposited / TT received from customers.
  12.  Voucher Maintenance Maintain the vouchers properly and safely (Filing Accounts connected vouchers and supporting).
  13.  Assist in month finish and year-end closing method
  14.  numerous month finish task like Bank Reconciliation Statement, provider reconciliation statement, accumulation etc.

الشروط المطلوبة في المحاسب- Accounts Assistant 

Required expertise and Skills:

  1. four to five years’ expertise in operating in a global commerce House, with month finish accounting closing expertise.

Required Qualifications:

  1. B.COM Graduate or equivalent qualification in Accounting .
  2.  expertise in Account assets follow-up.
  3.  Accounting information record and Profit and Loss Statements) and Account assets follow-up.
  4.  expertise in victimisation Tally.
  5.  VAT information.
  6.  smart in MS workplace.
  7.  glorious Communication skills.
  8.  Self-motivated.

طريقة التقديم في الوظيفة 

على الراغبين في التقديم الي الوظيفة ارسال السيرة الذاتية علي الرابط التالي 

لا تنسي متابعتنا على قناة اليوتيوب وظائف محاسبين 
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